Share the Dye Love

Since even before we started Show Me Yarn as a local source for awesome yarns in the Springfield, Missouri area, we knew we wanted to share our love of color with our local knitting group and let them get their hands dirty.  We’ve done group dye nights before, but only with food dyes, and really before we knew what we were doing.  Part of Show Me Yarn’s way of giving back is to help others learn to not be afraid of color, and to experiment with their own hand-dyed skeins.  It’s so satisfying to knit or crochet a project with yarn you dyed, or fiber you dyed, and then spun before using.  Each step we add to our knowledge base only serves to make us better.

Show Me Yarn had its first local dyeing day the first Saturday of March.  People signed up paying a minimal fee for supplies, and preordered their bare skeins of yarn.  Ester, Christa, Ginger, and Tammy had the dyes pre-mixed and were on hand for teaching and support.

We had 5 great ladies with us and only 2 of them have ever participated in one of our previous dye days with food dyes.  Everyone did a great job and made some beautiful yarns.  Thanks so much ladies for joining us!

Dye Day group photo

Grace, Christi, Claudia, Joleen, and Val


We had lots of fun together and of course there was some food, because you don’t get fiber folks together and not eat.  🙂  There was a bit of teaching and lots of laughing.  At one point there was a mishap with some black dye…needless to say we all got a bit of a chemistry lesson!  Thanks, Ginger!

Dye Day Ginger

Everyone worked really hard that day so here are some photos of all the fun work that took place:

Dye Day ValDye Day Joleen Dye Day Jo & Claudia Dye Day EsterDye Day Christi Dye Day C & EAnd some pictures of the beautiful yarns!

Dye Day Finished yarns Dye Day Finished yarns 2

We also test ran our booth for our first show in July to get some feedback on our set up.

Dye Day Booth 1 Dye Day Booth 2

We had so much fun with everyone, we can’t wait to do it again.

We’ll be doing this again in the fall.  If you would be interested in joining us, please contact us at for more information.

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