What’s in a Name

We’ve been asked more time than we can count, “So who dyed this one?” and “How did you decide on that for a yarn colorway name?”  So today we’re going to talk a little bit about it.

Show Me Yarn is a group of dyers.  One of us might have the initial idea, but we create together. We believe this is what makes us different and unique. We springboard off of each other taking an idea and expanding it together. We even work together when we dye; we partner to make colorways we love and hope you love too. 😀

Riverside Inn SS Bootheel 2

Riverside Inn

We have fun doing this,  this joy that color fills us with we try to pass on in the yarn and that is what we hope you see when you look at those skeins. We all have favorite colors, but not one of us has a color we hate, and the more we do this the more we love them all.

Aunt Gigi SS Bootheel

Aunt Gigi

Now for the naming process, we think more than likely that for most dyers its probably the same or at least similar.  Sometimes a picture, place or thing will inspire us and we match and call it by that name, but other times when the dye hits the yarn and the finished product is viewed the color speaks differently and a completely new name is given.  With a name based on the Missouri State Motto (Show Me State) we name many of our yarns after the people, places and things in Missouri and have a good time doing it, did you ever hear of a place called Pickle Springs? Well Missouri has one!  Other times our family and personal lives are our inspiration and colorways like Aunt Gigi, and Dino Jacob are born. Also, things like when we all grew up and the things that entertain us play into our colors and inspiration.  Right now much of our inspiration is from the 80’s and 90’s a time we all grew up in and were so immersed in the pop culture of, Sonny & Tubbs, Girl Power, and several yet to be named colorways have their inspiration there. We also try really hard to include a little bit about the origin of the name in the description- so you never have to guess.  Our lives are filled with color and we truly enjoy bringing that color to you.

Dino Jacob SS Bootheel

Dino Jacob

Sonny & Tubs SS Bootheel

Sonny & Tubbs

So there you have it, how the girls of Show Me Yarn go crazy over color and create.


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