Dino Jacob Self-Striping Pre-Orders

Happy Friday everyone!!

The Gals of Show Me Yarn are excited to announce our newest self-striping colorway so here is a little back story on the inspiration:  Christa’s little boy Jacob turns 3 today and he is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. One of his favorite shows is Dino Dan on Nickelodeon. In honor of his 3rd birthday and his favorite things Ginger, Ester and Christa present to you
Dino Jacob!!!

Dino Jacob SS Promo Dino Jacob SS Sample

Some details you need to know about the pre-order today:

-Pre-orders will go up around 12:30 central time.  Head over to the etsy shop to reserve yours.
-The pre-order listings will stay up and available until Sunday, February 21st which at that point we will take the listings down.
-We hope to turn around that week and begin to dye the yarn for you and start shipping around the beginning of March.
-We will have the option of 2 colors of minis to go along with the sock. The Dino Green and the Dino Yellow/Orange. There will be a drop down add on option on the listing, so you can have the choice of a mini for heels/toes.  Minis will be about 133 yards plenty for heels and toes.

We hope you love this as much as we do!


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