Spring is Just Around the Corner

Well, February is here and I know many of us here in the United States have seen enough cold, and for others you’ve had more than your fair share of snow.  In Missouri, we’ve lacked on the moisture but it’s been very cold this year and all of us are just ready for spring.  In anticipation of a wonderful season, we’ve created a line of spring colors that include many pastels.

This is our Spring Wildflower collection, all named after Missouri wildflowers.


Hogwort worsted

Hairy Buttercup

Hairy buttercup worsted


Jewelweed worsted

Morning Glory

Morning Glory worsted

Empress of the Garden

Empress of the Garden worsted

Bachelor Button

Bachelor Button Worsted


wisteria worsted

Water Pixie

Water Pixie worsted

We also created this beautiful brown, Gourmet Chocolate, to go with all these spring colors.

Gourmet Chocolate worsted

These are all currently in our shop on our Township base (worsted). If you would like it on another base feel free to contact us for a custom order.  We would love to work with you on making these colors for that special project.  🙂

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