It’s Been a While

And with that title, trying not to start singing that one Stained song now is impossible (or maybe that’s just me.) Either way it’s been a very long time since we posted.

Since 2017 the Show Me Yarn team has undergone some major changes. Ginger had a baby and she just had her 2nd birthday. Christa had her 2nd baby in 2019 and she is now almost 18 months old. And all 3 of us have had major family medical issues with parents and other family members. Now here we are in the middle/end of 2020 a year with everything being cancelled, shut down and just so much other crazy it’s hard to wrap our minds around.

So we want to reach out to all of you and say we stink at this blogging thing, but we’re going to try to do it more and stay in contact better, because we miss you all so much. If we should have seen you at KITH, Fiber U, Fiber Daze, YarnCon, Zombie Knitpocalypse, we missed you. We missed you walking into our booth sharing a smile and a maybe some hugs. We missed the moments of: let me show you what I made. We missed meeting some of you for the first time too. Sorry for the mush but its true. We’ve all spent so much time apart.

While we can’t change what is currently happening in the world we, we want to see and hear from you and hopefully make you smile even for just a moment. So we are are going to make every effort to stay in contact here, and Facebook and Instagram better.

One of the things that we are going to do is start a featured project page. If you have made something with any of our yarns or fibers and would be okay with us posting them, please email and we will be starting to share those soon.

So to close, we’re sharing some photos from shows past of all of you who make us smile. We are so grateful for the support you show us no matter in what way you do that we are glad you are here.

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